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Pimping Ain't Easy: The NCAA Suspends 6 Ohio State Buckeyes [AUDIO]

Listen as our political/culture correspondent Ray Baker weighs in on the pimp and ho relationship that exists between the NCAA and it’s players. Continue reading

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Nikki Minaj Covers King Magazine [SMUGSHOT]

Nikki Minaj took over Hip-Hop in 2010. She spent most of the year heating up someone else’s track, then decided she was through assisting and dropped her much anticipated solo debut, Pink Friday. Continue reading

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Multimillionaires Without High School Diplomas

Never in a million years would we advocate not educating yourself, but education does not always come in the form of a classroom. Check out this list of Multimillionaires who were to cool for school, you may be surprised who made the list. Continue reading

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NYE with The Smugger: New Years EVOLUTION 2011 [EVENT TONIGHT]

Great DJ sets & live performances, aerial ribbon dancing, and massive visual live paintings. The Smugger along with alternative urban music mag, The Couch Sessions will be throwing the oop to ReadysetDC as they present: New Years EVOLUTION 2011 at the NY Trapeze School DC. Continue reading

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Chuck's Remix: New T-Mobile Commercial [VIDEO]

The creative ad folks at T-Mobile are at it again. In their newest installment of the Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley series they play on the success of Antoine Whatshisface ( I heard homie was a millionaire now). They scooped up Spike Lee to direct the commercial which boasts cameos by the Miami base production duo Cool & Dre. Continue reading

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Answer or Ignore: The Art of Screening Calls

What is the one thing that you do too others that you can’t stand being done to you? I realize that for some this is a loaded question, however, I don’t have to look any further than my phone to locate my pet- peeve contradiction. In fact my issue sticks out like the hind parts of Serena Williams (fellas enjoy that NFW). Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

The Smugger hopes you and your loved ones have a blessed and safe Christmas holiday. Stay tuned for a News Year’s announcement. Bring it home with some righteous holiday tunes courtesy of James Brown’s “Funky Christmas”. Continue reading

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