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The Bitter College Graduate

Parties, stress, sex, classes, sports, and your four year friendship with mary jane (some of us redefined the term HIGHER Education). With my index finger resting on my temple, and thumb firmly planted under my chin; I can’t help but smile when recalling the days of meal plans, dollar drinks, and house parties. Continue reading

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Joke of the Day: Buying Condoms

For all you socially awkward, stuttering, sweaty palmers out there, nothing says “I’m cool” more than a funny joke. You should always keep one or two in the stash for the firsts in life: date, interview, meeting of the parents etc. Allow The Smugger to kick start your funniness with one of our own entitled “Buying Condoms”. Continue reading

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Answer or Ignore: The Art of Screening Calls

What is the one thing that you do too others that you can’t stand being done to you? I realize that for some this is a loaded question, however, I don’t have to look any further than my phone to locate my pet- peeve contradiction. In fact my issue sticks out like the hind parts of Serena Williams (fellas enjoy that NFW). Continue reading

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Why Young Black Men Love Anita Baker

Now to some of you who read this, Anita Baker may not mean much. But to my 80’s babies who are products of black women; not only do you know the name Anita Baker, but you know her music. Anita Baker was the insert-soulful-black-songstress of our generation. Continue reading

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Barack & Curtis [VIDEO]

The trials and tribulation of the black man have been well documented. The stereotypes, statistics, and successes seem to remain at constant odds. At the center of it all remains one consistent and integral commonality — manhood. Barack & Curtis is a riveting documentary produced and directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Byron Hurt, that explores the symbolism behind what is perceived as two polar opposites, and how they may have more in common then you think. Continue reading

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Female Conversations That Men Need to Stay Away From

I’ve seen it happen time and time again. A young man’s life turned upside-down inside-out in a matter of seconds. One minute, everything is cool. You’re laughing and joking having a good time. The next minute you’re left with the “I thought everything was cool” face, while you scratch your head and mumble cuss words under your breath. Pay attention, as I give you a few examples of Female Conversations That Men Need to Stay Away From. Continue reading

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Why Cleveland Lost in More Ways Than One

I couldn’t understand it. In regard to LeBron’s return to Cleveland, I fully expected for the media to take advantage of the occasion- and they did. As usual the media did what they were supposed to do, and promoted the fight (LeBron vs. Cleveland) better than Don King ever could. Continue reading

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