Combining unique style and unparalleled substance The Smugger establishes a fresh perspective that navigates the elements of the urbane male lifestyle. Born in urban culture, the brand attaches suavity and sophistication to its content. Regularly updated, the site provides an insightful and charismatic editorial voice, expert advice, along with witty commentary. Simply put, The Smugger aims to be the premier online destination for the lifestyle of the style conscious urbane male.

Founders Pharoh Martin, Jeff Toliver, and Victor Purcell created The Smugger in 2009 with the passion and dedication to “be the brand.” With its name derived from the word smug, meaning trim, smart in dress, spruce and highly self-satisfied, they make it a priority to live the smug lifestyle. Through the additions of Austin Weatherington and Theodore Wilhite, The Smugger brand plans to become a household name and to continuously bless the world with its unique edge.


Pharoh Martin | Editorial Director

Austin Weatherington | Editor-in-Chief

Jeff Toliver | Brand Director

Victor Purcell | Marketing Director

Theo Wilhite | Publisher

Thesmugger.com is the online lifestyle source for the style-conscience urbane gentleman.


1. having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities: an urbane manner. -source: dictionary.com