The Smugger Talks Style with Stars of "The Game" [EXCLUSIVE] [Q &A]

Last night at the Tribeca Grand Hotel BET CEO, Debra Lee  hosted a premiere of the much anticipated 4th Season of The Game . After congratulating the entire cast, (except for Brittany Daniel who plays Kelly Pitts), for their appearance on the The Wendy Williams Show earlier in the morning, bloggers were treated to a private screening of The Game. The Smugger was definitely in the building and got a chance to chat with the some of the stars of the show to get their perspective on style. Check out the Q&A inside:

The writers delivered a ‘dramedy’ that is worth checking out, make sure you join the rest of the world to catch the season premiere tonight January 11th at 10 pm eastern time on the BET Network. Since we already know what happens–we’ll let you know that there will be a few surprises and familiar faces that get thrown into the mix.

Coby Bell (Jason Pitts)

Q: Who is your favorite Designer? A: For suits, Hugo Boss

Q: What kind of Shoe?  A: “Big Ones” – Hush Puppies

Q: What accessories do you rock? A: Diaper Bag (he made sure to let me know he was serious)

Q: What would your character’s favorite designer be? A: Something Cheap

Q: Who is your Style Icon? A: Bob Marley

Hosea Chanchez (Malik Wright)

Q: Who is your favorite Designer? A:Tom Ford

Q: What kind of Shoe? A: Shell-top Adidas

Q: What accessories do you rock? A: Cartier Pasha Watch

Q: What would your character’s favorite designer be? A: Gucci

Q: Who is your Style Icon? A: Kanye West

Pooch Hall (Derwin Davis)

Q: Who is your favorite Designer? A: Armani

Q: What kind of Shoe? A: Jordans – He’s been a fan of them since childhood. When asked if he copped the new Cool Grey 11’s – “ They’re probably in the mail”.

Q: What accessories do you rock? A: Nefertiti Chain – by Jason the Jeweler out in L.A. – Pooch shared that when his mom passed away during the taping of the second season, he commissioned the Nefertiti Chain in black gold and black diamonds because “moms was a fan of Nefertiti”. You might even spot his character occasionally rocking it on the show.

Q: What would your character’s favorite designer be? A: Louis Vuitton

Q: Who is your Style Icon? A: Diddy

Co-creator, Director and husband to Executive Producer Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil even took some time to chat and answer some of the questions in detail:

Q: Who is your favorite Designer? A: Paul Smith, John Varvatos, and Tom Ford

Q:  What kind of Shoe? A: Throwback Nike, leather Converse by John Varvatos, or a dressy pair of Paul Smith’s – he added, “I like my dress shoes to be a mix between Stacy Adams and british style”. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Q: What accessories do you rock? A: Anything leather or suede – keep it simple.

Q: Who is your Style Icon? A: Miles Davis, Gordon Parks –- The reason, Salim mentioned, was because these men didn’t dress out of the need for fashion, but dressed because of how they felt, the spirit of style.

He added: “My women? Ladies should be in a pair of red bottoms (Christian Louboutin) and some Kiki’s (Kiki de Montparnasse) lingerie. Agreed.

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50 Cent Covers Black Enterprise

You can call Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson a lot of things just don’t call him broke. The antics of the brash 35-year-old MC from Queens, usually overshadows his keen business sense. If you didn’t know, G-Unit’s head man has a knack for putting himself in positions to win. Namely, Jackson boasts an extremely diverse portfolio with ventures in music (100% ownership) film, fragrances, video games, and various high-priced stock. Black Enterprise recently sat down with the mogul to talk business, and life beyond the microphone.

Movin’ On Up
Despite the diversified portfolio of ventures, music remains Jackson’s passion and main focus since his 2003 debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which sold more than 15 million copies. That same year, he founded G-Unit Records, a division of Interscope. Today, the label is operating more independently and the lineup of artists includes Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, with plans to add a few others. With 100% ownership of the label, Jackson can receive anywhere from 50% to 80% profit from an artists’ success depending on the terms of the contract.

Read the entire interview here

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The Bitter College Graduate

Parties, stress, sex, classes, sports, and your four year friendship with mary jane (some of us redefined the term HIGHER Education). With my index finger resting on my temple, and thumb firmly planted under my chin; I can’t help but smile when recalling the days of meal plans, dollar drinks, and house parties.

But for many of us, college wasn’t just a four year fun-fest. It was also a time to carefully plan and prepare for life after the fun. To slowly mold our futures while sharpening our skills to compete in today’s fast paced economy.

Two and a half years ago I had dreams of taking over the world. With 120 credit hours completed I was primed and ready to cha-cha slide across that stage, give the president of my University some dap, pose for the picture, and throw the dueces to what I considered the best-worst years of my life.

I remember my mother and some of my loved ones crying after I received my diploma; but if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve been the one weeping.

With dreams of gold, and a manilla folder full of freshly printed resumes I left home for the big city. After a few months of part-time jobs and an inbox full of rejection emails, I felt like my long term relationship with this woman called education had been a lie. I mean afterall I remained faithful to her, put her first in my life, gave her all my money and employers treated me as if I got my diploma out of a cereal box.

While my relationship with education was looking grim, a new woman started pursuing me. This woman was relentless in her pursuit, she would write me letters and call me 3-4 times a day just to see how I was doing– her name was Sallie Mae. I know many of you know her as well–homegirl gets around.

Although the hater suit never quite fit me, I must admit post-graduate had to be the most bitter time of my life. To add salt to my joblessness wound, all of my friends were getting offers. I mean some of them had offers before we graduated, while others were scoring high paying gigs outside their major.

Upon hearing said news I turned to a source who knew my story well. Someone who was no stranger to emotion, and who had just the answers I was looking for, that person my friends was the Louis Vuitton Don himself– Mr. Kanye West. ln typical Kanye fashion, he had an album that embodied exactly what I was going through, insert College Dropout here. Although the album was roughly five years old at that point, that was the first time I felt like I truly appreciated it– Kanye’s much more tolerable when you’re going through something.

I don’t consider myself much of a conspiracy theorist, but during that time I was famous for telling people how higher education was a ploy by the government to get you into debt, and that your diploma was nothing more than a ticket to stand in line. I mean I had it bad, throwing shade and spewing hate to anyone who was willing to listen.

While I was doing my best mad rapper “tell em why you mad son” impersonation, I realized that I forgot to factor in a very important element, and that element was I graduated into one of the worst economies since the great depression. I mean at that point I would’ ve had a better chance at finding Bin Laden than finding a decent full time job. Once I took the pressure off myself, and the bitterness off my breath, I didn’t find a job, but the search became much more livable.

Eventually the stars aligned and my journey lead me exactly to where I needed to be. Within it though I learned valuable life lessons. I realized that a piece of paper didn’t entitle me to anything, and that if I wanted something to shake I had to make it happen. After I landed the “good” job I realized my criticism of higher education wasn’t exactly right, but it wasn’t exactly wrong either.

To all my bitter college grads out there, hold your head, unemployment rates are dropping. To all my communication majors working in restaurants, or finance majors working in the mall, nothing lasts forever. If you stand in line long enough your number will be called. However for the people out there who don’t feel like waiting on your opportunity, you may just have to create it.

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Joke of the Day: Buying Condoms

For all you socially awkward, stuttering, sweaty palmers out there, nothing says “I’m cool” more than a funny joke. You should always keep one or two in the stash for the firsts in life: date, interview, meeting of the parents etc. Allow The Smugger to kick start your funniness with one of our own entitled “Buying Condoms”.

A young man goes into a drug store to buy condoms. The pharmacist says the condoms come in packs of 3, 9 or 12 and asks which the young man wants.

“Well,” he said, “I’ve been seeing this girl for a while and she’s really hot. I want the condoms because I think tonight’s “the” night. We’re having dinner with her parents, and then we’re going out. And I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna get lucky after that. Once she’s had me, she’ll want me all the time, so you’d better give me the 12 pack.” The young man makes his purchase and leaves.

Later that evening, he sits down to dinner with his girlfriend and her parents. He asks if he might give the blessing and they agree. He begins the prayer, but continues praying for several minutes. The girl leans over to him and says, “You never told me that you were such a religious person.”

The boy leans over to her and whispers, “You never told me that your father is a pharmacist.”

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LifE KiT Launches New Online Store

The fellas over at LifE KiT have launched their new website and online store. For those of you who don’t know, this lifestyle brand is known for their miracle wooded jewelry creations for men and women alike. These handmade products are carefully crafted in the humble dwellings of the company’s Durham, North Carolina lab. Look out for a LifE KiT x The Smugger collabo in the near future.

The pieces are made from natural elements; the handmade product line now reaches beyond neckwear to include bracelets, buttons, lanyards and other smug extras. What adds to their uniqueness is the fact that each piece has a specified value and merit to its wit.

Check out LifE KiT’s new online store and scoop up a piece or two.

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Street Etiquette Presents: The Jean Jacket

The New York City style duo, Street Etiquette is back with another stylish update. This edition is all about the jean jacket. As usual, not only do they provide the style/fashion; but also history, instruction, and other helpful tips and tidbits.

Check out their entire post here

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Making of '6-foot, 7-foot' [Video]

Lil Wayne’s ‘6 foot, 7 foot’ has jump-started 2011 with a back bouncing, head knocking sound. If you know anything about the producer of the track, Bangladesh, hypnotizing beats is what you’ve come to expect. Take a look at the creative process of Bangladesh as he brings the elements together to make what we consider a classic beat.

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