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NBA Style

Not quite sure if they picked the best player to head this piece, but it is interesting nonetheless. Minnesota Timberwolves Forward Kevin Love, gives you some insight inside the style of a NBA Baller, as well as his opinions on some of his colleagues. Continue reading

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Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy Goes Solo

The front man for the alternative hip-hop/ rock outfit Gym Class Heroes has gone solo. Well, no, the band hasn’t broken up. Travie is just doing his own project. Continue reading

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1 Smugger's Perspective: Hip Hop Won't Forget His Steez

On April 19, hip hop lost another legend. Continue reading

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THE COMING: The iPhone 4G is Real

So Apple is notorious for keeping their upcoming products under Area 54-like lock and key from snooping tech reporters. Up until this point, the newest incarnation of Apple’s trendsetting iPhone, the iPhone 4G or the iPhone HD, was only a bag of speculation. That is, until an Apple software engineer seemingly took an iPhone 4G prototype off campus and accidentally left it in a Silicon Valley bar, much to his and his company’s dismay. Leading tech blog Gizmodo got their antsy little mitts on it and exclusively published photos for the world to see. Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Leggings

Hi haters I’m back of hiatus– pardon me but I’ve always wanted to say that. It’s springtime and depending on your geographic location, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. As many of you know; as the seasons change so does the apparel, and I want to take this moment to pay homage to one of my favorite female fashion frills– the optic enhancing, head turning, day changing anomaly known as leggings. Continue reading

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THE SCORE: U-Boat Watches

Pulling their namesake from World War I and II era German submarines (they say Italian) Italo Fontana’s line of U-Boat watches are aggressive and bold. The Thousands of Feet Mattb Red model shown here features a dark red filtered face looks like its inspiration was lifted straight from the bridge of The Hunt for Red October. Continue reading

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Mix The Classic Manhattan

As the summer approaches, there will undoubtedly be parties, parties and more parties. Continue reading

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