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Rocawear's "I Am Next" Campaign

Rocawear has proven itself over the past decade to be a competitive and innovative force in the fashion industry. Continue reading

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1 Smugger's Perspective: The Shirt & The Tie

When shopping for a dress shirt, it has always been rather simple for me to match the shirt with the tie. Continue reading

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3 Guys and a Girl: Jungle Fever

This past Sunday, immediately following church I rushed home to partake in a day of cleaning, washing clothes, and cooking. Upon completion of my domestic duties, I indulged myself in some television. Seeing that the NBA conference finals are underwhelming at best, I swapped the NBA Playoffs for the network that highlights NBA wives. Admittedly, I despise the self promoting, “why the hell do you have a show” style of programming that we call reality TV, but nonetheless I decided to patronize. Continue reading

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SMUGSHOT: Method Man's Street Smug

John John Phenomenon was spotted on Broadway in Manhattan rocking a standard issue Yankee fitted cap with a classy matching vest and trouser get up. The chain from the pocket watch and champaign colored tie and dress shirt sets off the outfit nicely. Blame scruffy the beard on a new movie that Method Man is filming. Continue reading

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Top 10 Places To Meet Women

I came up with a short list of the top 10 places to meet a woman. Continue reading

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A Workout So Easy a Caveman Can Do it….But Can You?

The folks at the Athletic Performance Institute seem to be ahead of the curve on every fitness trend. Their newest endeavor is a mix between circuit training and things you might have done to show off on the playground. It’s called “caveman training”. And while I know everyone envies the prominent foreheads and hairy knuckles of our genetic ancestors, this workout’s focus is to elevate your heart rate, build muscle, and shed pounds. Continue reading

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Street Photography

Public spaces, graffiti, people, streets, culture. These are the elements that make up street photography. The beauty about it is you don’t need a studio and lighting and the latest SLR to shoot. Your landscape makes the picture–not the camera. Much like anything else that comes from the street, it is real. It is a mirror that reflects it’s environment. I find street photography to be the most honest, compelling, and organic style of photography, and in many ways parallel Hip Hop music. This style is extremely free and very familiar, putting a whole new candid perspective on what it captures. Continue reading

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