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DNA Test Shows Hitler Had African Roots

Adolf Hitler may have been descended from both Jews and Africans, DNA tests are indicating, the Daily Mail reported. Continue reading

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T.I. and Idris Elba Talk Takers Fashion

I know that your girl has been pressin you to the theaters to see this so called “Man Candy” flick (I have a funny feeling I am really going to regret that line later) however, we here at Smugger have some other incentives. Being the stylish, debonaire young men that we are, we saw it as irresponsible to not show some love to the fashion choices of the honorary Smuggers of the film Takers. The film boasts an all-star cast which warrants nothing less than the most top notch threads. Long time MTV writer/personality Shaheem Reid caught up with T.I. and Idris Elba to talk Takers & Fashion. Continue reading

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Smug Shot: Mos Def

We spotted Mighty Mos in GQ Eye’s: Week in Style segment. Mos has been a trendsetter for a minute now, all the way down to the Anthony Hamilton beard, Mos always does him Continue reading

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On the Scene: Reclaim the Dream

I’m sure you have been overwhelmed with the news concerning this past weekend’s festivities regarding the Restoring Honor and the Reclaim the Dream rallies in D.C. You know The Smugger stays on our J.O. and we were there to cover the rally. There was much build up regarding the hostility that would be in the air, but in our opinion things were very euphoric. The only real confrontations I viewed could be attributed to the metro. First time metro riders, angry old ladies cussing people out, and some country bumpkins who had no idea where to go– pure comedy, I mean Eddie Murphy funny. Continue reading

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Fellow Smugger Says: "Step Your Game Up

It’s a new day, life as we know it has changed. Change was the phrase being used a great deal by the masses to the point where it became a theme to them; now that theme is a lifestyle– a smug one at that. Change was the phrase adopted by our dear Commander-In-Chief, so I figured if it worked for him, what not for me? Continue reading

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Networking: D.C. Happy Hour Tonight

If your in DC, come out to a networking Happy Hour at The Park at Fourteenth. Meet The Smugger crew, as well as the people behind many of your favorite blogs. DC you know how we get down. Continue reading

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Uncle Sam Tells Bloggers To Pay Up

Paraphrased in the words of my favorite rapper “Damn why they trying to stick us for our paper”. Yes indeed, bloggers have now turned what was once a platform to share your ideas and thoughts to a full fledged multi-million dollar business. Some blogs boast readerships of over 1 million and advertisers have taken notice. The beauty of blogs are that they are non-conventional and that proves to be advantageous and lucrative for businesses trying to expand business and reach a more widespread audience. Continue reading

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