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Chuck's Remix: New T-Mobile Commercial [VIDEO]

The creative ad folks at T-Mobile are at it again. In their newest installment of the Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley series they play on the success of Antoine Whatshisface ( I heard homie was a millionaire now). They scooped up Spike Lee to direct the commercial which boasts cameos by the Miami base production duo Cool & Dre. Continue reading

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In NYC, Lebron Can Become First Billionaire Athlete In History

While every NBA team with cap space is pitching championship rings in order to lure Lebron James to their city the Knicks skipped the title talk and threw out the dollar signs in their sales pitch. Continue reading

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The 100 Best Dunks Ever

Okay, I always thought a double between the leg dunk was only possible in video games. I damn near fell out my chair when I saw J.R. Rider do it between one leg to win the 1994 dunk contest. The “The Eastbay Funk”, as he named it, has been done to death at this point but some of these dunks in this video are unreal. Just check ’em out. Continue reading

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One on One

One is known for his uber-athletisim, brute strength, and uncanny ability to make his teammates better. The other for his second to none scoring ability, insatiable hunger for victory, and “Michael -like” knack for the big moment. Unless you have been residing under a rock for the past couple years, you would know that I am referring to none other than Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. Yes, the question of the NBA’s best has become a two man race. Continue reading

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Whites-Only Basketball League Launching Down South. Here's to Progress!

As an alternative to the flash and dash of the African-American dominated basketball landscape that some nutjobs are introducing a 12-team Whites-only league called the All-American Basketball Alliance. Continue reading

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