LifE KiT Launches New Online Store

The fellas over at LifE KiT have launched their new website and online store. For those of you who don’t know, this lifestyle brand is known for their miracle wooded jewelry creations for men and women alike. These handmade products are carefully crafted in the humble dwellings of the company’s Durham, North Carolina lab. Look out for a LifE KiT x The Smugger collabo in the near future.

The pieces are made from natural elements; the handmade product line now reaches beyond neckwear to include bracelets, buttons, lanyards and other smug extras. What adds to their uniqueness is the fact that each piece has a specified value and merit to its wit.

Check out LifE KiT’s new online store and scoop up a piece or two.

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3 Responses to LifE KiT Launches New Online Store

  1. Vic Purcell says:

    masculine accessories for when your not suited up

  2. Sabir Peele says:

    I am definitely putting in an order this week!

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