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Erykah Badu Gets Naked On "Window Seat"

In viewing the last 2 minutes of Erykah Badu’s Window Seat I must admit I caught the spirit and recounted a line from one of my favorite hymnals “I was blind, but now I see”. Indeed, amazing was the proper adjective to describe the body of the Neo Soul-tress. Needless to say, I completely understand what had Andre 3000, The D.O.C., Common, and Jay Electronica open. Continue reading

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1 Smugger's Perspective: Rising Air

In an effort to increase revenue, airlines have started charging extra for preferential seating. I am not referring to first class either. Continue reading

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I admit, I have a soft spot for pretty art chicks. You might find me trolling around the fashion and art institutes of a city near you in hopes of scooping up a Vashtie Kola look-a-like. Continue reading

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Some Things on Carmelo's Style Tastes

Complex ran an interview with Carmelo Anthony. In it they accompany the NBA all-star as he gets fitted for tailored clothes, which is a necessity because his ass is too tall to buy from racks. Continue reading

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HEALTH: Chocolate & Stress

Chocolate is very healthy. Very, very healthy. Continue reading

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IPads For Douchers: Diamond-Encrusted or Swarovski?

Are you an uber-douche? Did you pre-order your iPad the first day they were available in hopes of being the first guy on the subway to be seen with one? Chances are you won’t be the only D-bag on April 3 with an Apple tablet so why not stand out with the most unnecessarily blinged out pad? Continue reading

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THE FIVE: Bring Home the 3D

My times have changed. No longer is 3-D confined to just gimmacky theater flicks being watched with those ugly red and blue framed glasses, it’s moved beyond that. Products with 3D capabilities have invaded our little lives in the form of flatscreens, mobile gaming systems and even cell phones. Continue reading

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