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Making of '6-foot, 7-foot' [Video]

Lil Wayne’s ‘6 foot, 7 foot’ has jump-started 2011 with a back bouncing, head knocking sound. If you know anything about the producer of the track, Bangladesh, hypnotizing beats is what you’ve come to expect. Take a look at the creative process of Bangladesh as he brings the elements together to make what we consider a classic beat. Continue reading

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The Carter Documentary

The life and times of DeWayne Carter have been highly documented. His seeming allergic reaction to condoms, the sizzurp, and his recent year and a day jail sentence has all seem to distort what Carter truly is, and that is simply one of the best lyricist to ever grace the mic. I assume that is why I found the documentary chronicling his life so riveting. The Carter spares no details as it lends you a candid view of the life of Carter, leaving you in an awkward disposition, of feeling proud and hapless at the same time. Im pulling for Wayne to get himself together and return to music in better shape than he left. Continue reading

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Lil Wayne Rocks Out On Video for "On Fire"

Even though Rebirth, Lil Wayne’s experimental rock project, has been pushed back, yet again, to June 22 the Young Money front man is still determined to move forward with guitar in hand. He released a new video for “On Fire” today and I got to admit- the song is better than “Prom Queen” (I said song. “Prom Queen’s” video was nuts). Continue reading

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Lil Wayne Wants Your Attention One Last Time

Lil Wayne is about to give plenty of himself to the world before has to give himself to the Feds for a year in February over his weapons conviction. Continue reading

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NBA 2K10 Previews Kobe's Moves

Here’s the trailer for NBA 2K10 with Kobe Bryant’s signature move. Continue reading

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