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Joke of the Day: Buying Condoms

For all you socially awkward, stuttering, sweaty palmers out there, nothing says “I’m cool” more than a funny joke. You should always keep one or two in the stash for the firsts in life: date, interview, meeting of the parents etc. Allow The Smugger to kick start your funniness with one of our own entitled “Buying Condoms”. Continue reading

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Even though they took a shot at my Cavaliers, this is one of the best commercials that we have seen in a minute. Some of the stars of this year’s USA gold medal winning World Championship team came together to make a classic commercial for NBA 2K11. Although the game looks dope, what really makes this commercial pop is the high rise floor to ceiling window laden apartment and the quick witted humor. Kudos to the advertising guys over at 2ksports for a job well done. Chef D-Rose is classic in this. Continue reading

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Blame It On the Alcohol…

Drunkiness be damned… This alcoholic is determined to get his 12-pack. Just watch the video and add some hilarity to your day. Continue reading

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