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Interview of the Year: Mark Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes

Simply put, Facebook has revolutionized the way we use the internet, and redefined the word social networking. The one time upstart is now worth an estimated $50 billion dollars and much of the credit can go to a curly topped Harvard drop out. Listen to our interview of the year as 60 Minutes sat down with Facebook’s first man, Mark Zuckerberg to talk about everything from the film The Social Network, to what’s on his profile page. Continue reading

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Facebook Booty Calls

It’s 2: 00 AM and you can’t sleep. After a boxer-brief tango to the refrigerator, you aggressively tap that Dole Paradise Blend Fruit Juice and a gnaw off a few bites of those Chewy Chips Ahoy. You then mosey over to your computer, power it up, and prepare for your late night Facebook booty call. Continue reading

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Would You Watch A Movie About Facebook?

Sure, the social networking monstrosity that is Facebook invades almost every fabric of our online lives. It’s like our own little personal reality show. People watch us from a far and we watch them back via news feeds, photos, videos, walls posts, personal notes, and status updates. Hell, sometimes I’ll ask for a girl’s Facebook page before I ask for her number. It’s gotten that bad. But as much as Facebook is burned into our actual realities and as much as we doodle hours of our personal lives entertaining ourselves by clicking thorough somebody else’s life would we want to see a movie about the guy responsible giving us Facebook and all the drama behind it? Continue reading

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