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50 Cent Covers Black Enterprise

You can call Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson a lot of things just don’t call him broke. The antics of the brash 35-year-old MC from Queens, usually overshadows his keen business sense. If you didn’t know, G-Unit’s head man has a knack for putting himself in positions to win. Namely, Jackson boasts an extremely diverse portfolio with ventures in music (100% ownership) film, fragrances, video games, and various high-priced stock. Black Enterprise recently sat down with the mogul to talk business, and life beyond the microphone. Continue reading

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Simmons Sisters [VIDEO]

The Simmons sisters are getting paid and looking pretty damn good while doing it. They took full advantage of their rich celebrity family members and really who wouldn’t? Listen closely as they talk to Black Enterprise about how they turned and idea into 50 million. Continue reading

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Uncle Sam Tells Bloggers To Pay Up

Paraphrased in the words of my favorite rapper “Damn why they trying to stick us for our paper”. Yes indeed, bloggers have now turned what was once a platform to share your ideas and thoughts to a full fledged multi-million dollar business. Some blogs boast readerships of over 1 million and advertisers have taken notice. The beauty of blogs are that they are non-conventional and that proves to be advantageous and lucrative for businesses trying to expand business and reach a more widespread audience. Continue reading

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How to Dress Your Best, The Average Man

Clothing designer Bruce Marshall says that the average man can dress for success by wearing a three-piece black, blue or gray suit. Continue reading

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Create a Business Wardrobe for Under $500

Are you a “newbie” in the business world and are looking to buy your first suit? This article will help you find the perfect suit, dress shirts, neckties, shoes, belt, and other accessories without breaking the bank. Continue reading

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