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The Bitter College Graduate

Parties, stress, sex, classes, sports, and your four year friendship with mary jane (some of us redefined the term HIGHER Education). With my index finger resting on my temple, and thumb firmly planted under my chin; I can’t help but smile when recalling the days of meal plans, dollar drinks, and house parties. Continue reading

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Cavs Owner Plays Bitter Ex

I could really write a dissertation on how I feel about the LeBron James decision but I will spare you read. Simply put LeBron did like what he felt was best for him–end of story. However the backlash that he has receieved from the city and the owner is classless and juvenile. Human mentality is so eager to hate something (thanks Drake) and hindsight is always 20/20. Here is a letter from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. For anybody who ever has broken it off with somebody before this letter should look awfully familiar. Continue reading

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