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50 Cent Covers Black Enterprise

You can call Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson a lot of things just don’t call him broke. The antics of the brash 35-year-old MC from Queens, usually overshadows his keen business sense. If you didn’t know, G-Unit’s head man has a knack for putting himself in positions to win. Namely, Jackson boasts an extremely diverse portfolio with ventures in music (100% ownership) film, fragrances, video games, and various high-priced stock. Black Enterprise recently sat down with the mogul to talk business, and life beyond the microphone. Continue reading

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Barack & Curtis [VIDEO]

The trials and tribulation of the black man have been well documented. The stereotypes, statistics, and successes seem to remain at constant odds. At the center of it all remains one consistent and integral commonality — manhood. Barack & Curtis is a riveting documentary produced and directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Byron Hurt, that explores the symbolism behind what is perceived as two polar opposites, and how they may have more in common then you think. Continue reading

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50 Cent Reveals His Power

50 Cent is more than a lyricist. With ventures into Reebok, video games and Vitamin Water, the entrepreneur has established himself as a household name. Now, 50, is stepping into the world of fragrance with Power By 50 Cent, his signature cologne. Continue reading

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