Street Etiquette x Stacy Adams

Trav & Josh are at it again. In their most recent update for footwear brand Stacy Adams the two explore what the “classic” terms means and how that plays a part in personal style. Additionally the soulful jazzy post showcases an entertaining personal testimonial from a a man who has spent a lifetime wearing Stacy Adams.

Stacy Adams presents: The Brockton feat – Street Etiquette from Brockton Originals on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Street Etiquette x Stacy Adams

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  2. Stacy Adams shoes were a staple in my life as a kid for church and other formal events. I’ve kind of moved away for the brand but have seen some wonderful things with the Madison shoe.

  3. Jeff Toliver says:

    I agree Sabir. I remember owning 3 pairs of Stacy Adams in 8th grade alone. Havent had a pair in a while but have no problem purchasing a pair that sparks my interest and taste in style

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