Why Cleveland Lost in More Ways Than One

I couldn’t understand it. In regard to LeBron’s return to Cleveland, I fully expected for the media to take advantage of the occasion- and they did. As usual the media did what they were supposed to do, and promoted the fight (LeBron vs. Cleveland) better than Don King ever could. Also expected was the antics of the loyal fans of the great city of Cleveland. However, what was not expected was this swole-in-the-chest, we ready for war attitude that seem to come over the Cavaliers team overnight– needless to say the outcome wasn’t pretty.

Anybody who has ever been in a fight knows that if your not quite as talented throwing the hands as your opponent that you can not fall into the pre-fight hoopla– especially if you have WITNESSED your opponent lay many people out cold.

The Cleveland Cavaliers had an opportunity to gain the respect of the rest of the league on a basketball and character level; They did neither. Cleveland bit the bait and made Thursday nights contest with the heat “more than a game”, and I couldn’t help but the think: Why? As a Cleveland native and diehard Cavaliers fan, I knew that we were ridiculously outmatched.

The romantic side of me saw JJ Hickson dunking on Chris Bosh and Mo Williams hitting three’s in the corner as we marched on to a convincing victory, but the real side of me said the Cavs are 7-10 going into the game with nobody on the team averaging more than 15 ppg.

As for the great fans of Cleveland, I love you, but you made the Cavs look even worse. Every basket that LeBron scored made your booing, signs, and t-shirts appear more and more hater-ish. I knew it was highly unlikely coming into the game, but I wanted the Cavs fans to remain civil seeing what the potential outcome of the game could be.

Now in no way am I suggesting that the Cavaliers and/or fans act like a punks, however there is a time and place to play Billy Badass, and this was not one of them. During the buildup to the game, I didn’t hear any insinuating remarks from LeBron or Miami, their public attitude was humble.

Not only did the Cavs lose, they got embarrassed. LeBron put together his most complete game of the season, and Miami, for the first time, looked like a potential championship contender as they waltzed to a 28 point victory.

I am sorry to say it but I am unsympathetic. Cleveland talked Filet Mignon when they knew they only had dollar-menu money. The game/situation made one thing glaringly clear and that is LeBron James has moved on, I suggest Cleveland do the same.

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2 Responses to Why Cleveland Lost in More Ways Than One

  1. Christian Bolden says:

    I think the author of this column may have missed a few key points. \

    I feel that the Cleveland fans were more than justified. Never, in the history of professional basketball, have we seen a player at the top of his game opt for (what appeared to be) greener pastures in the manner in which LeBron James has. Frankly, the fans have every right to utter any sentiment that may come to mind. That’s the beauty of sports. By booing and chanting against the Heat & Lebron specifically, it shows there true allegiance was with the Team and not the player when so often, it’s the other way around.

    I do think they Cleveland faithful realize that they had “dollar-menu” money. In fact, it’s why they are so bitter and they hold Lebron James immensely responsible which is why they booed so affectionately. Clevelanders know what (they have, or don’t have depending on perspective)and they’re angry.

    Moreover, one must cocnsider the Clevelands plight as a city that championships have evaded with the frequence of a bus schedule. The city has been on the cusp so many times only to fail gloriously. For once, they had something to wish for in Lebron; a Once-In-A-Generation type of player (home grown no less) and it’s gone.

    To be fair, I think the Cleveland faithful would be bitter with any scenario that had Lebron leaving for another franchise, but the way “The Decision” obviously plays a role in there disdain for him at this point.

    The reality is that the Cavs are no where near the level of the Miami Heat. They’re under a new regime that includes new management and coaching staff along with the fact that most of the players on the team are complimentary at best. I offer up a different perspective however: IF LEBRON HAD BEEN DRAFTED BY MIAMI (AND NOT CLEVELAND) AND THE HEAT HAD THE SAME ROSTER, THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME.

    Nevertheless, this is what fandom is all about. Sure some people, cities, and regions take it more seriously than others, but as long as no blood is spilled, it’s all in good nature. Every fan wants to be associated with a winner.

    It’s also what makes sports so incredible in that it is so transcendent. LeBron’s decision ultimately impacts no body other than Dan Gilbert, yet people cried, burned jerseys, etc.

    Look on the bright side Cleveland: as it stands right now, your the 8th seed in the east which means you currently qualify for the playoffs despite that aweful outing.

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