Foxx & Lawrence Confirm "Skank Robbers" Film

If you’re bothered by the Madea character, then this movie is sure to make you itch. The infamous BET skit “Skank Robbers” played by Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx (as Sheneneh & Wanda) has been confirmed and will be going into production. Before you go throwing it into the coon basket, actress Halle Berry will be co-starring in the film (does that help?).

At any rate, with so many people being hard on Tyler Perry for using sterotypes to depict good messages, I wonder how those same people will feel when similar, and perhaps more extreme images are used in the name of comedy and entertainment. Not to mention the film will star three of the more accomplished actors in the game (Halle and Jamie both have Oscars) What do you think ?

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2 Responses to Foxx & Lawrence Confirm "Skank Robbers" Film

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  2. Dave says:

    This is too funny… Is this a real movie or just a joke? I would like to see the two of them in a movie together but as their regular selves not necessarily in drag the whole movie. But i’m sure it’s gonna be hillarious either way!!!

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