A Bachelor's Black Friday

Cynical; is the word that best describes my feeling toward the phenomenon that is “Black Friday”. After year’s of watching chaos and foolishness ( recall the Walmart worker who got trampled and died by a crowd of savages trying to purchase 50-inch plasmas and Bissel Vacuum cleaners) and seeing that retailers are in the red throughout the year and usually only see profits during this time, generally keep me tucked tightly, recovering from Grandma’s turkey. However, if you’re anything like me and need some things for the new apt., here are a few items you can slide to those 3:00AM tent-pitchers you know.

Despite what I said about them in my intro, this truly is the crown jewel of “Black Friday” I mean if your not trying to get a LCD or Plasma what are you doing? I’d be damn if I am standing in line over night for some can-opener’s or picture-frames .

For those of you who are still thuggin it in 2010 without computers…. That’s hilarious. Step into the 21st century and at least cop a baby laptop, they will be on sale for as cheap as $ 270.

For all you pseudo photographers and vidoegraphers out there this is the ultimate come-up. Keep your head on the swivel.

I know it seems a bit awkward on this list but these products are usually expensive. If you’re trying to get your weight up, head over to GNC; I’m sure there will be no line.

Dude, we are tired of seeing you travel with that old nike duffle bag you got from the highschool basketball team. Step your game up and request grown man luggage.

This one is for my fellas whose ladies are requesting something “nice” this Christmas. Earings, bracelets, and yes even rings can be found at discounted prices.

Check out the deals on Black Friday Items here

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2 Responses to A Bachelor's Black Friday

  1. Jeff Toliver says:

    Look, all i know is that the chic at the middle bottom of the screen with the grey zip up sweat shirt is bad…super bad..lol

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