1 Smugger's Perspective: Michael's Breaking News

As Sony Music Entertainment unveiled the new Michael Jackson cut, I was skeptical as were many. The song entitled, “Breaking News,” discusses the late legend’s many fiascos and how the media feasted off of his continued stories in the latter days of his career. It is a whirlwind of production with vocals that if not listened to closely, you’d think it wasn’t Michael, but one must remember that as with any singer, vocals do not sound the same as they did twenty years ago. This is precisely what developed with Whitney Houston’s return to the world of R&B.

Reading the comments on Micheal, the first posthumous album from Sony Music Entertainment due out on December 14, 2010, it sounds as if many (the family included) think the song was contrived in a non-Michael Jackson way without all of the bells and whistles of a typical Jackson classic. It certainly sounds like him, but the matchless adlibs are missing, the vocals are raw and it just doesn’t seem to compare to that of his recent releases in the last few years such as “Butterflies,” “One More Chance,” or even the radio hit, “This Is It.” Still, it is Michael Jackson at least the Michael Jackson, post tabloid and spectacle drama. I am curious to see what the other tracks sound like. “Breaking News,” may not be “Off The Wall,” but it’s nice to hear a new Michael Jackson song that with repeated listens isn’t half bad and will undoubtedly find its way to #1 despite the brouhaha and criticism.

Listen to Michael Jackson’s “Breaking News.”

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