Kevin Garnett on Craig Sager's Style

If you’re a follower of the NBA you should know that KG is one of the more stylish hoopers in the game. The V-Neck sweater, shirt-and tie-combination has been his staple for years. If you follow the NBA you should also know that NBA Commentator Craig Sager is one of THE worst dressed people walking this earth. Watch as KG gives Sager some much need style advice.

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6 Responses to Kevin Garnett on Craig Sager's Style

  1. jeff says:

    LMAO..this ish is about time somebody told Craig about

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  3. This is hilarious. I don’t know whose suits are worse, Sager’s or Dwayne Wade’s.

  4. Marcus Henderson says:

    Craig Sager only dresses up like that to get notice and hoping to be a future hall of famer analyst. Just my opinion.

  5. Antoinette Weatherington-Smith says:

    That was hilarious!! I am so glad someone had the courgage to tell Craig enough is enough.

  6. jeff says:

    you might be right…well one thing is for sure, you will remember

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