HEALTH: Oil Pulling

I used to get headaches, well not anymore.

I often get headaches and have tried everything in the book from Excedrin to acupuncture needles. The last session I got cost $125. That’s why when I came across this – I felt that it needed to be shared.

Oil pulling is one of the oldest therapies out there. Apparently, you take a tablespoon of oil (sunflower, sesame or olive) and swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. This allows the oil to trap the bacteria and get the toxins out of your body. I figured why not. I purchased some olive oil, as there was only vegetable oil around and that isn’t real oil. I poured it on the spoon and put it in my mouth. I swished for about fifteen minutes. It was harder than I thought, not to let the oil go down into my stomach.

I have been doing this for two weeks straight and my energy is better for one. I haven’t had any headaches and I think oil pulling may be what I use from now on. It certainly saves on the medication costs from Walgreens and CVS. No more 845 miligrams of Aspirin or a half a cup of coffee. According to, oil therapy has removed many ailments other than headaches including loose teeth, heart disease, and eczema to name a few.

Interesting how a little bottle of oil could have so many benefits. I am sorry I didn’t know about it sooner, but am glad I know now.

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