Fader x Nike Sportswear Welcome you to South Africa [VIDEO]

It’s always refreshing to see stereotypes being torn down. As an African-American, I can say that the sights and sounds from Africa have not always been appealing. In fact the type of media coverage that the continent receives here in America is so far from comprehensive and reflective of what is really taking place, you have to begin to question what is the motive, or lack thereof of American media outlets.

The ignorance that is associated with Africa is comical. For all of you who watch too much old school National Geographic and think Africa solely embodies poverty and indigenous people– needs to be smacked open-handedly.

That is why this footage is so refreshing. Music is truly a universal language and this footage illustrates just how much that statement proves true. If this footage does nothing else for you, it should spark your interest, and push you to further expand your knowledge base past what your spoon fed.

Check out all of the Fader Episodes below.

Nike Sportswear and The FADER present the first episode of their documentary series covering the music, art and culture of South Africa in 2010.


Nike Sportswear and The FADER Present Pitch Perfect, Episode 2: Dirty Paraffin Light Up Jo’burg


Nike Sportswear and The FADER Present Pitch Perfect, Episode 3: Rustenburg is Lekker


Pitch Perfect Episode 4: Football Training Centre Soweto Tour with Mandla Masango


Pitch Perfect Episode 5: Youth Day Concert and Workshops in Soweto


Pitch Perfect Episode 6: Street Pop Rocks Soweto


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