Is Your Girl In Love With A Stripper ?

A shiny metal pole, a glass of your favorite intoxicant, and a pocket full of one’s. Insert a inebriated induced mixture of Halle Berry and Serena Williams (enjoy those links), and politely welcome yourself to paradise.

For most men the strip club is a place where a man seeks relational refuge. An escape from the talks, responsibility, and day to day punking, and thrust into a pleasure buffet full of booty, booze, and buffalo wings– yes buffalo wings. But not so fast, the fellas are not the only one’s who are in love with a stripper.

Heterosexual females in the strip club have become the new phenomenon. Straight females now frequent female strip clubs for the same reasons males do and don’t see anything wrong or lesbian about it.

Females have gone from the one’s giving the lap dances to the one’s receiving them.
While on the surface, the notion of females being in the strip club seems ideal and maybe even pleasurable, there are some questions that have to be raised.

Being totally confused by their– shall I say leisure presence in the shake joint, I asked a few questions. I got the obvious one out of the way first.

“If your a woman and your not gay, then why would you want to go to a female strip club?”

A twenty-something professional from Indianapolis had this to say ” I like to go with my man because he enjoys it, but I keep my eye on him. Plus I get some free drinks out of the situation and learn some new tricks.”

Okay, so I get it. It’s not the actual strippers that is appealing, it’s more or less the atmosphere that they enjoy– especially with their man. Makes sense, and the man is seemingly in a win win.

While her answer was clear, I still can’t help but to think of the strip club as a “man’s place” one where he can escape his girl, not tag team with her in a booty slapping contest.

Other “man places” such as the barber shop, athletic courts/fields have an unwritten rule about the presence of women, and I see the strip club as no different. Not to mention my heterosexual mind tells me that if I see a woman throwing dollars at another woman, than she is gay or is taking notes. When asking a frequent patron of the strip club about the presence of women in the booty parlour he had this to say:

“I assume they’re lesbians, because I can’t possibly imagine straight women enjoying naked women gyrating in their faces, I don’t buy those other rationales that women give, they either want to be a stripper or like women period”.

I tried my best to keep my journalist hat on, but I couldn’t agree more with his sentiment– and why not, this was a strip club veteran. He’s seen enough bullet holes and stretch marks in his day.

It seems to me that the strip club is a microcosm to something much bigger, and that gorilla in the room is women lack escapes and releases. Seeing the lack of females outlets, what once was a man’s escape is now becoming a woman’s.

I’m all for inclusion and doing things with your girl, but I caution my fellas on what they introduce, even if she insists. Allocation and access is key to preservation. Because the next time you and your lady fall out and you think your escaping it all with a lil trip to the shake joint you may get a little surprise.

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