A Fresh Cut : Thoughts on the Barbershop

For the average Smugger the barbershop is considered holy ground. It’s more than just a place to get your haircut, it is a cultural cornerstone in which you can overhear anything from current events, sports talk, relationship advice, and religious debate. Your haircut is the most essential part of your wardrobe– Let me be the first to tell you that no piece of clothing can compare to a fresh edge up. It transforms your presentation from ashy to classy.

Several females have explained to me how fresh men haircuts make them wanna get naked– yes, naked. I can speak for my own head and say my demeanor is considerably changed when my head is attended to. We all know how hard it is to find a good barber, and to the barber’s defense, there are a lot of grapefruit, oblong, boiled egg, cul-de-sac hairline rockin, Greg Oden wrinkle-head-havin dudes out there.

Which reminds me, I was recently running late for a meeting and had to go to a foreign barber. For the record, going to random barbershops is Chapter 1 in the “Haircut Horror Steps” handbook. Needless to say, the foreign barber pushed my joint back further than Lupe’s third album.

In closing, a fresh outfit begins with a fresh cut, and don’t pick random barbershops.

Example below.

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7 Responses to A Fresh Cut : Thoughts on the Barbershop

  1. Jeff says:

    As one who has just recently stepped his smug up to the fresh hair cut era i must admit..there is nothing like a fresh cut… I had dreads for 4 years and i kept them EXTRA FRESH at ALL times..lol..but needless to say the fresh cut has pulled a side of my smug that i did not have prior to it!! THE FRESH CUT IS IT…CHOOSE YOUR BARBER WISELY..LOL…BTW: THE LADIES LOVE IT

  2. Jeff says:

    Is that Neo son..lol

  3. Why yes, yes it is….. Lmao.

  4. modi says:


    “Greg Oden wrinkle-head-havin dudes out there.” secretly, that’s me. well, not so secretly anymore. but my head one day started getting wrinkles on it. i noticed at a basketball game during half-time. i was like, “oh no. it’s a wrap.” at least they’re not bad yet.

    when i lived in new york, i’d go without haircuts for as long as a month to just wait and come home to get my regular barbers to hold me down. i came back so much, they didn’t even believe that i lived in new york. goodness. but trust me, a few girls did get naked after that shape up! okay. i’m lying. sike. i’m so serious. but that’s neither here nor there. what’s important is that this article is essential. don’t ever go to foreign barber shops, no matter how cheap their prices. honestly, i spend $25 at eddie’s over in adams morgan, and i’d probably drop 30 if they raised the prices. that’s how much i trust these guys. in NY, i could get a shape up for 5, but i looked like a new yorker. that’s a horrible thing when you come from this area.

    oh, and they got ne-yo looking alien-esque in that joint. cot’ damn. lord have mercy.

  5. Austin Weatherington says:

    Modi! My dude you hit that joint on the head– literally. Don’t sweat the head wrinkles homie, I got some knots in the back of my joint. True enough that “New York Ceaser” joint aint for me neither. The ladies do love the fresh cuts.

  6. Jeff says:

    @Modi: LMMFAO!!

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