T.I. and Idris Elba Talk Takers Fashion

I know that your girl has been pressin you to the theaters to see this so called “Man Candy” flick (I have a funny feeling I am really going to regret that line later) however, we here at Smugger have some other incentives. Being the stylish, debonaire young men that we are, we saw it as irresponsible to not show some love to the fashion choices of the honorary Smuggers of the film Takers. The film boasts an all-star cast which warrants nothing less than the most top notch threads. Long time MTV writer/personality Shaheem Reid caught up with T.I. and Idris Elba to talk Takers & Fashion.

When discussing the fashion of the film Mr. Elba had this to say:

“How a man dresses is how you start to create this character”

touche, touche.

T.I. added:

“There were some things that were suggested that weren’t me. There were other things that faced adverse opinion at first, but after dialogue and compromise, I saw that it came out and worked best for the character’s presentation for the screen.”


The entire interview can be found here

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