On the Scene: Reclaim the Dream

I’m sure you have been overwhelmed with the news concerning this past weekend’s festivities regarding the Restoring Honor and the Reclaim the Dream rallies in D.C. You know The Smugger stays on our J.O. and we were there to cover the rally. There was much build up regarding the hostility that would be in the air, but in our opinion things were very euphoric. The only real confrontations I viewed could be attributed to the metro. First time metro riders, angry old ladies cussing people out, and some country bumpkins who had no idea where to go– pure comedy, I mean Eddie Murphy funny.

Although different crowds and perspective on America, on this day Beck and Sharpton’s rally were basically saying THE SAME THING. America, equality, and civil justice. With that in mind, it was interesting to see Beck’s rally garnered an estimated 100,000 compared to a estimated 10,000 at Sharpton’s. Call me crazy but obviously those 100,000 people came to hear something a little different.

Our very own Pharoh Martin was in the mix, and shot this dope video to give you a feel for the day.

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