Fellow Smugger Says: "Step Your Game Up

It’s a new day, life as we know it has changed. Change was the phrase being used a great deal by the masses to the point where it became a theme to them; now that theme is a lifestyle– a smug one at that. Change was the phrase adopted by our dear Commander-In-Chief, so I figured if it worked for him, what not for me?

Gentlemen, this should also be applied to how we conduct our day to day flow, namely when it comes to taking that special lady out for a night on the town. The days of movies and dinner are, to put it plainly, are played out. TGI Fridays and, The Cheesecake Factory only provide the setting for a monotonous evening; especially for that lady that you are trying to get to know a little more and if that is the case, your future chances are Whitney Houston/Snoop in-a-beater slim.

Sidenote: (the Tex-Mex Eggrolls and Strawberry Lemonade at Cheesecake Factory bang), but if you’re trying to give that lady in waiting a good first impression, then it’s best to venture out of that “courting comfort zone” and give her eyes something new.

If you’re anything like us, money is not always synonymous with a good time–insert creativity here. Cost effective outings like a picnic lunch down by the water or a trip to a museum or gallery display speak to your inner artist– whether you have it or not.

Fellas, know that ladies loathe monotony, and revel in adventure. So don’t let your taste end at the burgers & fries. Hit her with some suggestions of Indian, Mediterranean, and other international cuisine. Take it from me, you’d be surprised at what can ensue from experiencing new cuisine especially ones where you use hands. #Imjustsayin. In the words of my man Phonte, of Little Brother, “You can’t attract Cristal with a Boones Farm mindstate.”

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