1 Smugger's Perspective: The Suit

After writing The Shirt & The Tie, I felt it was important to scribe about the suit. Accompanying any shirt and tie, this is an absolute must. And make sure it’s as smug as you can get it. When choosing the right suit, it is imperative that you make sure that it fits. Believe me, I bought one once and ended up paying more to get it altered than I would have if I had just tried it on.

Opening the suit closet in front of me a few days ago, I was intrigued to discover that I don’t own any new suits – so suit shopping was essential. I’m all for looking good, but the dent to the wallet wasn’t something I was looking forward to and I don’t believe in charging what I cannot afford to pay back.

As far as the suit I was going to pick out, well there are many that appealed to me as I took a walk through the department stores such as the Alfani RED Suit, and The Versace Pinstripe Suit (don’t knock pinstripe, shirts seem to match better with them) to name a few. I still wasn’t able to make up my mind and then it occurred to me that I do not own any wool suits. Many of the top men’s magazines suggest that you should have a least one. I don’t know though, something about wearing sheep plus you have to take real good care of them because moths find the fabric to be an incredible lover.

In general, the suit in its overall appearance is snazzy and is appropriate work attire (unless the job you work at is business casual). And you can get some bargains for your buck. In terms of color, I am partial to black so the Versace one really caught my eye. Perhaps it was in the presentation of the sales clerk who politely told that I looked dapper in it. I ended up purchasing a different suit altogether (for cost effective reasons) and non-wool at that. The one I bought was perfect in texture, which Esquire notes in their Big Black Book for 2010 is a must in suit intellectuals and the price was not bad.

If you are venturing out to buy a suit, try it on (the last thing you want is to get a 40R when you really needed a 42L). Make sure the color is pleasing and fits with the shirts you’ve got hanging in your closet. I’ve come to learn it’s in the sophistication or rather the smug that makes the presentation of the tailored clothing in the end.

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