Style: Could the 90's be the come-back kid?

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the fashion of the 90’s.
Actually, it was a recurring theme of chats I had throughout the day.
Earlier that day, a couple of the “Cool Kids”, Justin of Tucked LLC and Tamera of ThaLookBook, and I were perusing thrifty shops on the Lower East Side.
After a few good finds at the Buffalo Exchange, we found ourselves in a quaint vintage shop a few doors down.
We explored the racks full of designer goods from Chanel to Givenchy, from the 1920’s to 1980’s.
Overheard was, “I see all the dates on tags, but there are no 90’s?”.
“There were no 90’s in fashion,” was the reply.

I brought the notion to the conversation that fashion didn’t exist in the nineties to my friend later that day.
The idea was met with resistance as the rebuttal went something like, “90’s fashion is coming back”.
It definitely made me consider…
Think back to track suits, Air Jordans, throwback jerseys, light wash blue jeans, the sitcom “Friends”, Polo Ralph Lauren, preppy, “Living Single”…
Could the 90’s be the come-back kid?

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