Q&A: DrJays.com and StreetStyle.com's Simone Kapsalides

Our folks at DLYDJ.com got up with the beautiful Simone “Boss Lady” Kapsalides, content manager of DrJays.comDJPremium.com, and StreetStyle.com.

Kapsalides sits down and reminiscences on the Commodore 64, offers some words of encouragement to the fresh-faced newbies in the game, and gives some insight on who “Boss Lady” is.

DLYDJ: Going back and forth, taking trips, and being luxurious eventually has to take its toll on you. Before all the hustle and bustle how was it to lose your video game virginity? When did it happen?

BL: [Laughs] Okay… The first video game I remember ever playing were the games on the Commodore 64. Are they considered video games? [Laughs] I played the Summer and the Winter Games for the Olympics and I loved them! My cousins were twin teenage boys, older than me, and they never let me use their computer. I was like eight-years-old at the time so I used to sneak into their bedroom when they weren’t home. Now that I think about it — the games were probably very basic compared to what came out later and not much fun, but back then I thought these were the coolest things ever. My favorite part of playing the game was choosing which country to represent and hear all the different anthems play when you won the gold. Even as a kid I was just in awe of how different the nations of the world are. Wow… I’m nerdier than I thought [laughs].

DLYDJ: Welcome to the club, kiddo! [Laughs] Now that we’ve become fully immersed in the Digital Age — can anyone stand out in a World Wide Web full of “individuals”…?

BL: Honestly, the sad thing is that many other people in my line of work are falling all over themselves trying to “stand out” — usually at the expense of fair and well-researched reporting. You can add basic integrity and respect for others to that list. Teaching someone to just “be themselves” these days may also be even useless because so many people haven’t forged their own personality to begin with. Personally, I have to admit that I forget sometimes that being an international voice is a plus, rather than a minus, especially in such a competitive media landscape. I’d encourage anyone who is on the come up to understand what it is that makes them different than anyone else before you hit the streets and then once honed you drive that s#!* home!

DLYDJ: Folks known you here and abroad as “Boss Lady” — but what are some things that folks in the entertainment industry do not know about you?

SK: I really take the “Boss Lady” name seriously… sometimes too seriously. Just ask DJ Whoo Kid. I believe if I’m going to call myself both a boss and a lady then I’m going to do my best at being both. Friends in “the industry” do not know most things about me, but one thing I can say is that I came up pretty tough. My mother raised me as a single parent and we lived with my grandmother for most of my life. I grew up hanging out with local gangs, I had the drug dealer boyfriends, and all that — the whole nine. It’s funny because my Australian accent doesn’t hint at those kind of things that you would notice with others and I’m cool with that. There’s no need to show that part of me until it’s necessary [laughs].

DLYDJ: As the face of DrJays.com what are some trends that both men and women should be rocking for the Summer before this weather goes bats#!* crazy?

SK: The women should be rocking the ripped jeans and torn denim. They’re still going strong. Hot pants and boy shorts are too. The sporty look for ladies is back and the die-hard tomboy in me is so excited! The weather is still wonky from time to time, but whatever the ladies wear they have to be sexy and street at the same time. Bright colors are big too! Flaming reds, warm yellows, and deep pinks are just a few noteworthy colors to rock. Apparently pastel Summer suits are all the rage for the men this season? I’m not too sure how well those will go down, but mastering a mix of tailoring and dressing down will work just fine for the fellas.

Click here to read the entire interview at DLYDJ.com

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