CoCo & Breezy: Eye to Eye

No, no these aren’t the Dirty Money chicks (In fact I am still trying to figure out what they do). If you have been up on your fashion sh*t, than you should know that the eclectic Minneapolis twins known as Coco & Breezy are currently running the designer specs game. Yes, the 20 year olds unisex eyewear line is rather daunting; but in today’s world bold is beautiful– I would liken their style to Geordi La Forge from Star Trek meets Metallica.

However, celebs such as Ashanti, Ciara, and Kelly Osborne have all boldy masked the ladies eyewear. The multi-talented twosome are also extremely photogenic, boasting modeling as one of their many talents. The future looks nothing but bright for the duo as their 20/20 line can be found in custom boutiques from SOHO to Champs Elysees. With an unapologetic fashion sense coupled with infectious personalities, I have a sneaky suspicion that we will be hearing much more from these two.

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