Word of the Day: Shriveler

The talks that me and my editor have are epic– so epic that we should record them and post them (idea). At any rate no matter what the topic of debate is, somehow the conversation always seems to trickle back to one of two places. One being the state of Hip-Hop or lack thereof, and the other being the state of Black America or the lack thereof.

With some miscellaneous dating movie playing in the background, we aggressively stated our positions (pause). Our debate came to an abrupt halt when in the movie, the guys kisses the girl that he had been chasing the WHOLE movie, and then she immediately begins to act brand new and runs away, leaving the young man dumbfounded. I stated to my editor how much of a “shriveler” that was.

We laughed about it, and he told me that I should make a post out of it. I too laughed and quickly got to work. So Whaaaaaala.

For those who don’t know what a “shriveler” is; you shouldn’t because I made it up. Allow me to define.

Shri-ve-ler: A physical condition that occurs to a man when his immediate excitement, turns into even more immediate despair.

Still vague? allow me to help you out with a list of things that gives me the shrivels.

The Shrivel List
(Editors note– Shrivelers are not always sexual)

Beautiful Woman+ Zip Lock Tight Body + Badman Breath =
Breath mint/ Floss Shrivel

Whenever your girlfriend has something positive to say about her ex….
“Im not trying to hear that shit” Shrivel

Realizing she is out of your league…
Embarrassed Shrivel

When you find out that your new girl is not so new (lol) Don’t be mad, it happens to the best of us homie.
Live & Learn Shrivel

Halle Berry’s Jenna Jameson-like performance in Monster’s Ball…
Lost Your Cool Points” Shrivel ( She used to be in the top 5)

Female flatulence…
Stop Playin Shrivel

The state of Hip-Hop (minus a few)…
Shrivy shriv shriv

Lines outside the club…
Who still does that? Shrivel

Missing the happy hour cut-off by two minutes and the drink that was $ 5 is now $ 12…
Supreme Shrivel

Fox News…
Republican Shrivel

Open toe sandals for men…
Unexplainable Shrivel

Hope this helps, add some new shrivels to the list!

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2 Responses to Word of the Day: Shriveler

  1. Jeff says:

    lol..nothing more

  2. Ohh yeah.. Amy Winehouse… Definite Shriveler..

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