10 Bachelor Pads Essentials

The infamous bachelor pad. This storied setup is something that every post grad , pre husband longs for. The bachelor pad; much like your first car, is seen as a sacred right of passage. For those of you who remained strong and wiggled your way out of moving in with your girl, you get the MJ/ Tiger Woods fist pump– you understand the benefits.

However for the feeble fellas who fell victim to the trap– my condolences (Lol)

“I mean let’s just move in… it’s not gonna change anything”.

Contrary to popular belief the bachelor pad has less to do with the booty (smirk), and more to do with the benefits. The creative control, the space, the decorations, the food, the bathroom, the grown ass man aspect of it all. For the dudes in relationships don’t think that you must shack up with your lady– no sir, don’t believe the hype.

For all my fellas who suffer from a slight case of claustrophobia (me) a bachelor pad allows you to still have a bit of bachelor in you (which is truly healthy for every person in a relationship), You must have your testicles unbound if you will– because we all know how tight the knot can get.

That said, we here at The Smugger will give you some ideas to outfit your bachelor pad.

1. Couch
No bachelor pad is complete without the perfect couch. That is where is starts and ends.

2. Sound System
Music is an essential to your pad, gotta have the right vibe flowing through your crib.

3. Satin Pillows/ Sheets
You heard Katt Williams.

4. Blender
You must be able to entertain, so get your bartending skills up. Learn the basic drinks and proper use of blender. Smoothies, protein shakes, all of that.

5. Instruments
It would be nice if you knew how to play them, but they are great for decoration, and is very impressive and great conversation piece.

6. Books/Mags
Again it would be nice if you read them, but they are great accents to your spot.

7. Candles
Self explanatory.

8. Plasma/Flat Screen
From inviting your friends over to watch the game, to watching to latest movie from Redbox a flat screen has become a bachelor pad must.

9. Glasswear
Those plastic game cups are cool, but they don’t really cut the mustard when you have female company. Champagne flutes, and wine glasses, shot glasses, and claws will do the trick. P.S. Bottle openers, Wine keys, and metal drink shakers are also musts.

10. Posters/Artwork
Adds flavor, style and personality to your spot.

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2 Responses to 10 Bachelor Pads Essentials

  1. Jeff says:

    Cant forget about the Mini Bar…adds to the Blender accessory

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