A Thin Line Between Gay and Straight

Deep V-necks, colored skinnys, shaved chest hair, thong sandals, and man bags. In these all accepting fashion forward times there is a very thin line between gay and straight.

Let’s get straight to it (pun intended) it’s 2010 and people are no longer wearing their sexuality on their back (pause). In a time not so long ago, skinny jeans for a man would have been a dead giveaway as to that man’s preference.

But as time passed so has the styles, even the most known hardcore rappers, who brag on their sexual exploits and masculinity can be found rockin the skinnys ( cough, cough, Jimmy Jones and Lil Wayne). I assume after the rappers finish with the young ladies, instead of saving the draws as a keepsake, they take the jeans.

But there is nothing new under the sun. Take a short glimpse down memory lane and you will see that every era has flirted with androgyny. Prince in the 8o’s with the ice skating outfits and pants with the butt cheeks cut out, Heavy metal rockers with the womens hairdo’s and make-up, and how can we forget the anomaly that is Michael Jackson (R.I.P.).

The irony of these examples are these are the guys who got the most booty–female booty that is.

With these things in the front of my mind I asked myself a real question. Ignorance and stereotypes aside, and boisterous flamboyant giveaways factored in, I posed the question: How does a gay man dress? how does a straight man dress?

I remember back when I was 19 and I was coming out of my Rocawear, throwback, hat to the back stage, I began to find my own style– a moment of silence goes to the brothas who still live in this stage– throw that Ed Hardy outfit away.

At that point, although rather embarrassed to admit, a few ladies questioned my manhood. I remember thinking “damn it’s not like I have on a wig and a skirt, I guess if a brotha throws on some tertiary colors every know and then, and chooses to go with the fitting opposed to baggy; I had to be gay”.

After rigorous debate, and dyer attempts to defend myself, I came up with a short list of things straight guys need to stay away from to not be confused with playing for the other team:

Satchels/Man Purses
I am a grown ass man and everything I need on a daily basis fits in my pockets– wallet, mints, ipod, etc…. Unless you are a cameraman/photographer, a student or doing an occupation that requires you to carry things, there is no need for a bag. This really needs to stop.

Don’t do too much with the accessories. There is nothing wrong with a watch or a hat but pay attention to how flamboyant they are. I must say I do have a major problem with bracelets and birth-stone rings, and other foolishness. Rocking bengal looking bracelets can place you in harms way.

Mandals (Thong sandals)
I am from a cold weather climate so I assume I am biased, but I just can’t get down with anything going in between my toes; it just doesn’t feel right in the inside. Now I know what your thinking “what about when your at the beach? “. Easy. There are plenty of options for water occasions. Deck shoes, boat shoes, or water shoes are all reasonable and appropriate measures. In my humble opinion a man should not be wearing thong anything! if he is going to wear thong sandals than you might as well paint your toes and the whole 9. Women wear sandals to show off there toes and feet and stuff. Enough said.

Be clear on this one. By no means am I saying not to take care of yourself. Do all the things that your momma taught you to do growing up. However be mindful that there were some things that your momma probably taught your sister and didn’t teach you. Like doing your eyebrows, painting your nails, and waxing your bikini line (lol). The point is that there is a certain masculinity and ruggedness that comes with being a man, and if your not gay, you should preserve them.

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2 Responses to A Thin Line Between Gay and Straight

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