1 Smugger's Perspective: Is Entourage Still Entourage?

Having just finished watching Entourage Season 6 in its entirety (sometimes one can’t always be there seated in front of the tele to watch it when ‘it’s on’), I got to thinking, is Entourage still Entourage?

Bare with me as I go into this diatribe. I remember watching Entourage Season 1 and 2 in one night (yes one night), dying and rolling off of the lines they gave Ari Gold and the Hollywood vibe the show exudes. Then came Season 3 and 4, when viewers got a chance to see how Vincent Chase would survive after the Aquaman success, him being fired by Warner Brothers and the Medellin saga (if you haven’t seen it, you best get to Netflix and rent it or purchase a copy or watch it online for free). It was here where the writing was top notch and definitely kept the interest.

By Season 5, I was even more impressed and when I saw Season 6, on sale no less, in Best Buy, I had to get it and watch it. I do not believe in OnDemand (probably because I like putting the DVD in the machine). Season 6, while very good, seemed to lack the magic of the previous five seasons. Ari Gold still had his lines, the friendship between Turtle, E, Vincent and Drama still abounded but it felt as if something was missing. Most of Ari’s lines seemed watered down and the stories were more dramatic than previous seasons. Perhaps it’s the fact that the show will conclude sometime next year and Entourage will drive off into the HBO sunset as many exceptional shows on that network have.

Season 7 is off to a decent start, with a hint from the writers that Vincent will get a “new lease on life’ this season, whatever that means (I guess he’ll get injured or something and have to make a dramatic choice whether to continue his acting). That’s just me surmising. I predict Season 7 will be a culmination of the unique and noteworthy creation from Doug Ellin and Mark Wahlberg. One can only hope. Even if it isn’t satisfactory…Entourage is still one of the best shows to come around in quite awhile.

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