Going In: Pinky Toe Corn

Summertime is truly my favorite time of year, namely for women’s fashion. The warm weather welcomes warm weather clothing. Spaghetti straps, short shorts, sun-dresses, and open-toes. I truly love it all. But let me slow the car down and park the X5 right there on the open-toes.

Let me say that I am not a big fan of feet, but I appreciate a pair of well maintained soft looking feet. I guess that is why the open-toes have become increasing problematic for me. The infamous “Pinky Toe Corn” is the topic of my Going In rant this lovely Friday.

Ladies, what is it about that Pinky Toe? it seems like no matter how nice the rest of the 8 toes are the Pinky Toes always seem to have that little nugget attached to it. Which leads me to the point of what I like to call “Office Feet.”

Time and time again I have witnessed this. Halle Berry by the face, Barry Sanders by the feet. I see working class women who have been rocking heels for years with vegetable gardens on their feet. Corns, bunions, onions all of the that.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Why do you this to yourselves. Everybody knows I love the ladies, and it is with love that I share this with you. In the name of vanity, you frequent your favorite retailer and pay for those new stilettos. You squeeze your too-big foot into a too-small shoe. Little do you know the cost you pay is much more than $250.

Seeing that high heels do little-to-nothing for my sexual attraction/arousal I am totally indifferent. A veteran high heeler stated ” I don’t do it for the fellas, I do it for myself. I have a napoleonic complex and high heels just make me feel better about myself”.

I mean I wont name names, but after the club I have seen womens feet pop out of stilettos like a jack-in-the-box.

Ladies, when buying that next pair of uncomfortable shoes, understand that a man would much rather his woman have a pair of pretty feet, than a pair of pretty shoes. If you have nice feet protect them, and if your feet look like you’ve been playing street soccer barefoot in the streets of Rio De Janeiro I don’t know what to tell you– wear boots.

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8 Responses to Going In: Pinky Toe Corn

  1. Vic says:

    That’s real homie LOL!

  2. pretty feet can be such a beautiful sight. i was witness to a nice pair of toes recently and i was taken aback. on the other hand. jacked up toes. grrr.

  3. Jeff says:

    Allll man..lmao

  4. bunny says:

    hey–you don’t grow a veggie garden on your feet just by wearing too little shoes. in MOST heels (unless they’re super strappy), your feet rub harshly against the inside of the shoe, leaving your feet more rough, ESPECIALLY after a few years of constant heel wearing.

    anywho, dudes feet often look way worse that females. I mean, at least we have an excuse.

  5. JB says:

    Man, long overdue to address. Now, me myself, I am a big fan of a woman’s foot; I mean it just does something to me (shiver). Anywho, with that said, there is nothing more unattractive than a woman with “HAMMERTIME”, it immediately send your stock plummeting 10 pts. easily – that and bad breath!

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  8. Jeff says:


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