Lil Wayne "I'm Single"

I never want to go to jail, but I must admit that there is something nostalgic that emits from artists once they are locked up. Their art comes across more passionate and authentic. My theory proves me correct in the latest contribution from the most recent rapper added to Riker’s roll call. In Lil Wayne’s “Im Single” you see a side of Weezy that he rarely exposes.

Wayne gives you a birds eye view inside of his dating life– portraying the ups and downs of a man that still has not found that one to commit to. After completing the song, the quandary that I once had regarding how one could have 3 kids so quickly came to a screeching halt.

In all fairness though, the song does a great job of capturing the mental state of young, fly, flashy 20-somethings across the world struggling to maintain a relationship. I have long been a follower of the New Orleans rapper and feel like this is one of his best contributions to the eye. Kudos to DJ Scoob Doo for the rawness of the cinematography, as well as the tribute to Martin Lawrence’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. If this video/song is any indicator of what we can expect to see from Wayne post Rikers; than I’m excited (pause).

Check it Out

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    I like this post.

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