Top 10 Places To Meet Women

Every man knows that there is a strategy to meeting and, better yet, keeping the right one, or the right three in some other cases. As bad as this may sound ladies, our smug charm doesn’t come from 100% of natural ability, about 10% of it is strategy.. The things we say, the places we take you, how we dress, and the smell good that we chose on that first date…all strategy. We know that the good ones are worth the extra effort.

With that being said, I came up with a short list of the top 10 places to meet a woman.

10) Social Media Sites

You would be surprised about the amount of men who actually use social media sites for dating purposes. Facebook and Twitter seem to be amongst the favorites now that Black Planet and MySpace have also been strong armed. Although this is not what these sites are intended for, some have found them to be mighty helpful in their dating endeavors. I mean come on now, who actually uses real dating site anymore? Facebook and Twitter is the ish.

9) Church

Church is nowhere near intended to be a place to meet woman but once again, it happens. Many men meet their wives in church. These women are positive, dedicated and beautiful inside and out so who wouldn’t want a church-going woman? It is one of the easiest places to start a conversation as well. A woman who wouldn’t talk to a man that says hello and good morning in church needs to stay for the night service. Don’t get it twisted though. Some of them were into some trouble Saturday night so be careful. She might not be as positive, dedicated and beautiful as you might think

8 ) Baby Showers

Hold on.  Calm down fellas. We all have sisters, cousins, and friends who have kids and we have all been invited to a baby shower at least one time in our life. I know the thought of a baby may scare some of you but for those who are secure with themselves find baby showers very intriguing. The thought of being in one room with 20+ women doesn’t sound too bad to me either. The eye will be on you especially if you show excitement and interest in what’s going on. Be prepared for woman to approach you with the how are you, what’s your name, and who did you come with questions.

7) Weddings

No, I am not a wedding crasher. I’m just speaking the truth right now. Weddings excite single women and if she is sitting alone why not sit and talk to her. Enjoy some wine, food and a great convo for once. She might be the one for you.

6) Salsa or Karaoke Night

Let me start out by saying this, the club is not a good place to meet woman. Well let me rephrase that, it’s not a good place to find your future wifey. This may not apply to all but it applies to most. As an alternate, I suggest Salsa Night or Karaoke Night at your local venue. A room full of woman eager to let loose and have fun. Prepare yourself.

5) Sports Bars

I can’t lie, the thought of a woman who loves sports and a fun time as much as me puts a smile on my face. This atmosphere is perfect during the NBA playoffs. Whether starting a funny argument with her for cheering for the opposite team or cheering with her for your favorite to win, the recipe spells success.

4) The Elevator

What floor Miss? Now how many of you men can recall a time that the most beautiful woman stepped onto the elevator with you? I mean only you? I can recall over five times and I swear they were more gorgeous then before every time. Next time, I have to say something. Who ever you are, be prepared for I only have a short amount of time to get my point across.

3) Starbucks

Everybody loves Starbucks. One of the most common places of them everybody is at is at your local coffee shop. If she is alone offer to buy her a cup of coffee and sit to talk. This small romantic gesture may get you a lot of points in her book.

2) The Gym/Fitness Classes

If you don’t smell too bad the gym has to be one of my ideal places to come across a winner. She obviously cares about her health and how she looks so why not? Your efforts to keep up with her throughout the aerobics class she has been involved in for the past year will make her laugh but spark her interest. She’s probably to tired to be mean or annoyed anyway. Just be careful with your opening question or statement. Something as simple as asking how she enjoyed the workout will do just fine.
1) Networking Events

We are now down to my number 1 place to meet a woman, networking events. This subject is a little broad because of the many places and ways that networking can take place. It may be at a wine tasting, a happy hour or maybe even a simple event in your area. All I’m saying is that people come here to have a good time, talk and meet new people. They may not necessarily come to find that better half but then again who knows. What are you going there for?

*Places that almost made the list*

  • Cookouts
  • The Museum/ Art Galleries
  • The Dog Park
  • The Beach…Miami Baby
  • College Graduations
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