A Workout So Easy a Caveman Can Do it….But Can You?

The folks at the Athletic Performance Institute seem to be ahead of the curve on every fitness trend. Their newest endeavor is a mix between circuit training and things you might have done to show off on the playground. It’s called “caveman training”. And while I know everyone envies the prominent foreheads and hairy knuckles of our genetic ancestors, this workout’s focus is to elevate your heart rate, build muscle, and shed pounds.

It is a unique take on circuit training. Caveman training is popular among all levels of athletes, but it’s becoming very popular among regular Joes as well for it’s ability sculpt lean muscle and produce strength.

It’s also very fun. Much of the activity like moving, jumping over, and carrying objects are things that we enjoyed as kids. Think of it as grown folks recess and PE. When exercise is fun it doesn’t feel like work.

Here is a sample workout from Muscle Fitness Muscle Fitness Magazine


Treadmill- (10% incline/10 mph)/ 20 seconds
Slosh Pipe Overhead Squat- 5 reps
Wide-Grip Pull-Ups- 5 reps
Double-Under Jump (jump rope)- 20 reps
Heavy Bag Twirl (60-pound bag)- 5 reps
Box Jump (24″ platform)- 10 reps
Double-Under Jump (jump rope)- 20 reps
Sandbag Clean and Press-
5 reps

Below is video of a caveman training program that former WWE superstar and current UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar did before winning his UFC title.

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One Response to A Workout So Easy a Caveman Can Do it….But Can You?

  1. Melt it off says:

    Caveman training seems like an interesting concept. I am curious to how much more effective it is over a conventional workout. Thanks for the post.

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