1 Smugger's Perspective: The Thing That Is Jazz

I have always been a fan of jazz. I remember listening to 94.7 The Wave in California during my elementary school years. There is something about it that transcends the norm. It takes you to a place no other genre can. While I appreciate R&B for what it is, value hip-hop and hold the various other categories up on a pedestal, jazz is what gets me through the day – or at least calms the day.

If you scrolled through my iPod, you’d probably find that the majority of the music on there is underground hip hop and smooth jazz. Over the years smooth jazz has received much criticism. The bulk of it has stemmed from fans of the traditional jazz masters like Miles and Monk, but smooth jazz does indeed have its place otherwise there’d be no specific designation.

Somehow though, jazz always finds its way at a lounge, bar, as background music in a doctor or dentist’s office or as the elevator muzak. Jazz as a whole gets a bad rap. Perhaps its because there is very little singing on most of the songs (smooth jazz has allowed for more singing than traditional jazz). Unless you’re playing Frank or Ella (both of which are acquired tastes), jazz to some can be a bore. There are no written lyrics, just notes strung on a page and played to a tee on a piano, guitar, or bass.

It’s important to have a variety of music tastes and jazz is definitely one to try, if you haven’t already. It does indeed break from the norm, but there’s something smugger about it.

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