Baby Momma Drama

My Cavs got whooped the last game so I am bitter at the NBA right now and have turned to yellow journalism. It seems as though the best action of the NBA post season is happening off the court. I don’t usually delve into celebrity gossip, however the most recent debacle concerning Dwayne Wade really has ignited a fire with men and women across the country.

Amid first listen, the situation appeared extremely typical. Scorned lover attempting to sabotage the life of the other post-breakup. Additionally as I viewed all of the photos of Siohvaughn, while beautiful, she did have that crazy Robin Givens type of thing going on– and we all know she crazy.

As a result I classified this situation as foolishness. However as I surveyed the details and began to look twice at the situation some questions were raised.

According to The NY Daily News, Siohvaughn (that name just sounds a lil off) Funches is seeking $ 50,000 in damages against Gabrielle Union which happens to be the new love interest in the life of her ex-husband and Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade. She claims that Union engaged in “sexual forplay” ( we all know what that means) with Wade in the presence of his two young sons.

Wade’s NBA salary was upward of 16 million this year and I am sure Funches is getting a good chunk of that in alimony and child support seeing as how she is the former Mrs. Wade. So the motive can’t be financial. Ladies would you go this far to get back at the mistress? and Fellas, if your ex falls this far out of pocket, how do you handle it?

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