HEALTH: Food Cravings

Men’s Health compiled a list of seven reasons why we still crave food even after we’ve just eaten.

1) Too Much Soda, Sweetened Tea

In essence we are consuming too much high fructose corn syrup, which messes with brain function.

2) Canned food

While it’s very easy to pour out some SpaghettiOs or Glory sweet potatoes into a bowl and pop them in the microwave, the FDA recently issued a statement that canned foods contain a chemical known as BPA, which leads to obesity. And I thought salt was the major factor in canned foods.

3) Not Eating Enough Breakfast

With the daily routine that most of us have, our breakfast usually consists of coffee, toast, cereal, yogurt or none of the previously mentioned items. Many of us don’t have anything more than just a glass of juice. If one were to eat a big breakfast, it would stop the cravings for food during the day.

4) No Salads In The Diet

So many people have never heard of eating a meal that incorporates a salad into the mix. The green vegetables offer up many essential vitamins to the body that not only help stop food cravings and/or gorging but provide us with the nutrition for healthier bodily functions.

5) No Tea In The Diet

It is recommended that one drink a cup of black tea (not tea purchased from a vending machine) after eating a meal full of carbohydrates. It helps to lower the blood sugar levels in the body and curb those cravings for a bag of Lays or Cheez-It crackers.

6) H2O

Parched mouths often are a sign that you are not drinking enough of the hydrogen oxygen combination. Drinking a glass of water before eating, the article suggests, kills the food cravings. This should be done in addition to the eight glass minimum that our teachers told us about.

7) Boredom

Flinders University in Australia’s discovery that distracting yourself actually helps food cravings is very interesting. As they say where your mind goes, so does the body, so if you focus on stuffing your face, then the body will acquiesce.

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