Happy Hour

If your city is anything like mine, happy hour is definitely where it’s at. Cheap drinks, discount food, music, happy hour provides you with all of the elements of the night club without the cover charge. Not to mention its convenient. You can easily transition from the office to your favorite happy hour destination without even breaking stride. But with all the perks of happy hour there are some rules that go along with the good time.

5. Loosen up the tie
Don’t come to happy hour dressed exactly how you looked at work. If you wore a a suit jacket to the office, shed the extra layer and just go with the collared shirt. If you went with the collared shirt and tie, loosen the knot a bit and roll up your sleeves. The goal is to sprinkle a touch of breeziness to your outfit without compromising your style.

4. Don’t get sloshy
I know that the drinks are discounted, but act like you have lil home training. Happy hour is usually a great place to network and meet new people, so save your drunk uncle routine for another time. Additionally you may see a co-worker or perhaps even your boss. Don’t get me wrong I understand that the happy hour buzz can serve as the appetizer for your late night entree, but keep it within reason.

3. Don’t dance too hard
I know that music is playing and people are enjoying themselves but…… It’s not the club. Unlike the club, happy hour is the perfect spot to fraternize with the ladies without coming off as lame or predictable– conversation is actually encouraged. The music is played at a low tone and ladies generally come to chill. Keep it simple, get your drink and 2-step. Stay right there.

2. Freshen up
I understand that time constraints will limit your ability to go home and shower, however, unless you work a hard labor job you shouldn’t be perspiring like that anyway. Keep a little travel size body spray/cologne and some breath mints in your workspace. Don’t walk up in there with the infamous work breath. You know what I’m talking about. That “I haven’t talked in a minute” breath. Yeah, not a good look.

1. Be prompt
These are not fashionably late events. Being on cp time will leave you hungry and mad. Happy hours usually have very tight time restrictions, so if you actually want to catch the specials you better get with it or get lost. There is nothing worse than getting to the bar 2 minutes past the cut off and your drink that was just $ 4.00 is now $ 15.00 and your stuck with the “awww man face”.

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