Cool as Ibn Jasper

On the smooth, melodic, “Paris, Tokyo” Lupe Fiasco spits the words “The reason I get fly as Ibn Jasper”, and I began to think who the hell is Ibn Jasper? Is he a pilot? a designer? who is he?

Infamous in the industry for his skills as a barber, Jasper rounded out his talents and became a image consultant namely for Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.

Jasper boasts a kick game strong enough to make David Beckham jealous, and is often called by designers to give insight on all things fly.

In addition to his styling talents Jaspers maintains a pretty dope blog F.M. PHENOMENAL
that lets you inside of his creative mind.

Maestro takes you on a tour with Ibn and gives you perspective on who he is and what inspired him.

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