Name: Vashtie Kola

Age: Late-20s

Resides: East Village, NYC

I admit, I have a soft spot for pretty art chicks. You might find me trolling around the fashion and art institutes of a city near you in hopes of scooping up a Vashtie Kola look-a-like.

The upstate New York-born Trinidadian beauty was first introduced as “Pharrell’s girl” when her and the N.E.R.D. producer dated for five years but she’s since become known as a noted artist, director, stylist, designer, party promoter and entrepreneur in her own right. Basically, she’s New York City’s artistic cool girl with a riduclous “it” Rolodex.You can’t add her as a friend on Facebook because she has too many friends. She’s that cool.

In addition to her 90s-themed “1992” parties with rapper Q-Tip ruled the New York downtown scene for the half last of this decade Vashtie’s creative eye has landed her as the stylist for the Pharrell’s Billioniare Boys Club and Ice Cream lines, her own signature clothing brand called VIOLETTE and as the director of a few videos such as Solonge’s “T.O.N.Y.”, Justin Beiber’s “One Time” and Jadakiss’ “Letter to B.I.G.” Def Jam even threw her a title and a salary to maintain the label’s image as their one-time director of creative services.┬áSo yeah, she doesn’t time for you- or me for that matter.

Check out more of Vashtie on her site

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3 Responses to SMUGGER CRUSH: Vashtie Kola

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  2. Austin Weatherington says:

    I love her. She loves me.

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