THE FIVE: Bring Home the 3D

My times have changed. No longer is 3-D confined to just gimmacky theater flicks being watched with those ugly red and blue framed glasses, it’s moved beyond that. Products with 3D capabilities have invaded our little lives in the form of flatscreens, mobile gaming systems and even cell phones.

1) Samsung 3-D TVs

Korean electronics company Samsung unveiled the world’s first-available 3-D LED television very recently. The 46″ and 55″ versions of their LED C7000 series are availible now with price points that range between $2,600 and $3,300. The 3D LED TVs will come Internet-enabled so they will be able to do more than just watch TV such stream movies, play games and use Samsung apps.

    2) Nintendo 3-DS

    Nintendo has upgraded it’s tradmark handheld videogame consoles to the 3rd dimision realm. The next generation of DS handhelds coming within the next year will feature 3-D displays that will not require special glasses. No word on how much the new devices will cost. We do know that the 3-DS will be backwards compatible so that users will be able to play DS and DSi games.

      3) Sony 3-D Glasses

      Sony has an upcoming line upcoming 3D-capable LCD sets that come with an infarred emitter and two free sets of glasses but will also offer standalone shutter glasses.Sony’s TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 active shutter glasses will debut in Japan this summer and will retail for about $130. The emitter (sold seperately) will go for about $55.

        4) Hitachi’s 3-D Cell Phone

        Hitachi has released a new cellphone, codenamed Hitachi Wooo H001 (whoohoo!), that feature a LCD screen that will allow you to watch movies 3-D. The phone sells for about five bills in Japan.

          5) Sony 3-D Blu-Ray Player

          The Samsung’s 3-D Blu-ray players currently on store shelves might be recalled soon because they reportedly don’t work but expect similar results from Sony. They usually come correct with theirs. The Japenese electronics maker is launching a 3-D Blu-ray-ready player in the next month or so, as well as send out firmware upgrades for existing Blu-ray players that will make them 3D-capable. The stand-alone machine will retail for around $200. ¬†The players will reportedly be able to instantly stream content from Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, Slacker, Sony and more.

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