Funny or Die Presents: A Wonderful Option

As you are probably aware,  we here at The Smugger are fans of HBO original programs.  Well, I would like to touch on one that I came across, Funny or Die Presents.  Being a fan of the Funny or Die website, the Will Ferrell-backed site that offers both material from established entertainers and amateurs.  So I was both surprised and delighted to see that they linked up with HBO for a new series, and I have yet to be disappointed.  This series is unlike any other by that it offers a plethora of comedic material that even the truest comedy enthusiast would appreciate, the fusion of the internet and television in the form of skits that act as mini programs/channels giving the series a feeling of an actual network.

Now will this last, shows that are unique and groundbreaking sometimes have a 50-50 chance of  “not being ready for prime time” in the eyes of some audiences, but this ain’t primetime, the show airs at midnight on Fridays, and with appearances from the likes of Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Don Cheadle, and many others that we are all familiar with, I think that the chances are pretty good, an option that I can live with.

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