1 Smugger's Perspective: Cologne Sense

I have always liked the fresh scents but I always end up purchasing the woodier scents in the end.

Cologne shopping is always an adventure because there are many to choose from and the salespeople are constantly asking if you’d like to try this or that. A few years ago, I smelled Kenneth Cole’s Black and found a liking to it. I then partook of Angel Men by Mugler, which is one of those woodier scents that remains on your clothes even after several washings in the Whirpool or the Maytag. Within the last year, the scent has become more fresh and less woody, so I decided to leave that one at the smell good counter.

The thing with fresh scents though is that they all smell similar. You could say the same about woody scents but there is an undercurrent of difference in the woody scents. It is as if they speak more. The fresh scents offer a more “buy me cause I’m new” whereas the woody ones seem to say “you’ll know I’m the right one, when you find me.”

You may disagree but there is something about spraying on Issey Miyake, Bvlgari or Acqua Di Gio that makes the cologne shopping experience complete that Cool Water just doesn’t do. Plus, I have noticed the ladies always ask me what I’m wearing whenever I spray on a woody scent and the fresh scent always seems to go unnoticed. <<<<—-Perhaps on that tip, I'm letting the law of attraction take its course but that's just an observation I've made.

Of course, body chemistry plays a role in choosing cologne, and maybe the fresh scents just don't agree with me. I don't know, but I do know this, with the plethora of colognes on the market, I'll stick with the woody scents and before swiping my plastic, I will definitely choose one that is smuggerific…smuggerly, yeah that's the word I was looking for. A cologne that no one else wears or at least no one in the immediate vicinity. And a woodier one at that.

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